Back to Hillsborough River State Park March 30 – April 3

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While we were in Tampa at the Heartland Rally we had a chance to drive up and take a look at our campsite for our return trip to Hillsborough River State Park.  Looks great!  Fun to try out another loop.

While we were there we were surprised how many big rigs were there….class A and 5th wheel.  A lot of folks tell us they don’t do much Florida State Park camping because their rigs are too big.  While there are some spots that are too small I’d say at least half could easily accomodate rigs up to 40 feet.  So far Reserve America, where you make reservations for Florida State Parks,  seems pretty accurate in their listing of the dimensions for their sites.  Always best, tho, to make a trip to visit the park, if possible, before you camp so you can not only see all there is to do as well as scope out the sites.


Inaugural Heartland Florida Owners Rally

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Inaugural Heartland Owners Florida Chapter Rally @ Lazydays Rally Park.  A good time was had by ALL.  Keep on campin…

….enjoying Fort Desoto…

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more to come after the nap…

It’s been a wonderful time here at Fort Desoto.  Temps during the day are in the mid to hi 70’s and nights in the low 60’s.  A small band of showers blew through abot 6 today but were gone before we got up.  Took a long walk 0n the beach this morning and passed only two other couples.  You see in the picture gallery attached that the fort is under renovation and by the looks of it should be ready sometime this summer.  The picture of the ship was taken from the Gulf Pier at Fort Desoto, just on the south side of the fort.  The island you can barely make out to the right of the ship is Egmont Key, site of another fort and present site of the harbor pilots facility serving the Tampa Bay shipping channel.

As this was our first trip in our 5th wheel we were careful to scout out the number of big rig sites.  I’d say most sites are OK up to 36 feet and many up to 40′, especially the pull through in the middle of each camping loop.  Althought the site is heavily treed its apparent care has been taken to prune branches away from the travel paths.

Sadly our trip ends tomorrow although we have another stay coming up in May.

Next Stop – Heartland Florida Inaugural Rally

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Its been great owning a Heartland product.  Not only do we like the quality and features of our Heartland Sundance 2900 MK but the Heartland Owner’s Forum is a great community of like-minded 5th wheel campers who are eager to help and have fun!

There are Chapters of the Heartland Owner’s Club throughout the United States and we were surprised to find that Florida just recently founded an active chapter.  As with all organizations it takes leadership and we have a great couple who’ve stepped up to start the Florida Chapter.  The inaugural Florida Chapter Rally is being held the weekend of March 11-13 at the Lazy Days Campground adjacent to Lazy Days, perhaps the world’s largest RV dealer.  Not surprisingly they’re happy to host this Rally as they are dealers for Heartland products.  They’ll provide a good time for all, I’m sure, and you can hear more about it here.

One of the special treats will be the chance to visit again with the wonderful couple who sold us the Sundance.  They and several other Heartland friends we met at the RV Supershow in Tampa will be joining the fledgling group of native Florida Heartland Owners.  This retired Rally crew are veterans so we’re looking forward to see how hardy they are as campers.