Kayak Camping in the Works

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We’ve been toying with the idea of buying kayaks for some time.  Most of the locations we camp have water either behind the camper or nearby.  For 20 years or more Karen and I canoed in our trusty 17′ Grumman aluminum canoe carrying it on top of our pop-up.  In fact we sold the canoe with the popup.

Last weekend we returned to Canoe Country Outfitters in St. Petersburg where’d we stopped during our last trip to Fort Desoto.  We liked the people there and the selection they offered.  From research we’d done we knew we wanted “sit on top” kayaks and they had to be light since any method of carrying them on the truck would mean having to lift them higher than we’d been used to.  We decided on a pair of 12′ Wilderness Tarpon 120 Ultralites which weigh 43 pounds each and they’re being rigged so we can fish from them as well as tour.

While we wait to pick them up we’re studing how to carry the darn things with the 5th wheel.  There are really only 2 options….on top of the truck’s cab using standard roof racks or installing a “goal post” mount on our front hitch receiver and having the kayaks ride over the truck’s hood with one end on the “goal post” and the other on the front of the truck’s cab.  If we can make the racks on the cab work that would make loading easier as we’d use the truck bed prior to hitching the 5ver.  It appears a “stacker” mount that secures the kayaks on their side in the middle of the cab would work best as they are only 14″ wide and together would occupy less than 36″ of the cab’s 56″ width.  The 5ver would have to jacknife well into the sides of the cab to hit them….and we already watch the rear cab corners pretty carefully!

Actual pictures when we get them and mount them.  Till now here’s what we got:





Camper now at Summer Camp

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We moved the Sundance to Sun n Fun this past weekend where it will live through July…and what a summer camp it will have.  Good thing parents can visit on weekends

Summer nites...yes hot ones