As might be suggested by the time between posts, we’ve not been as active on the blog as we were after we first bought the Sundance.  It isn’t that we gave up camping…just that our “adventures” were more repeats of previous trips.

As readers of this blog know we’ve been camping throughout our 30+ year marriage and know its something we love.  We’ve camped throughout Florida and now seek to venture out to see and camp the rest of this beautiful country.  That will take time…and longer trips than we can accomplish while working so we’ve decided to pass our rig on to the next family to love and enjoy.  No, we’re not giving up on camping….just changing things up a bit.  Our goal is to put our heads down and work hard for the next couple of years so we can fully retire and spend more time camping!

Just as we enjoyed passed along our previous pop-up to a young family with kids, our 5th wheel will now become the next adventure vehicle for a family wanting to move up in size and comfort.

We think what we have is special in a couple of ways:

  1. Its affordable – Although we’re happy to sell our 5th wheel separately from our diesel truck, the price for both is actually less than half of what a new rig would cost.  At $49,500 $45,000 for both, or $24,500 $19,500 for the 5th wheel only, we think they’re a bargain when you consider all the extras we’ve added and the ability to simply pack your clothes and groceries and go.  Its also easy on fuel getting 10-12 mpg.
  2. Its complete – Our 29′ rig has the best of a bigger rig – triple slides, big kitchen with lots of storage, leather his/her stress-less chairs, full shower and separate porcelain commode, luxury memory foam queen mattress…all the luxury appointments of rigs 10-15 feet longer…and heavier…yet:
    1. It fits in state park sites
    2. Can dry camp for up to a week with sufficient fresh water and grey/black holding tanks.  Has LED lighting so a simple house battery will keep things running if you’re careful even disconnected from power.  Can run major systems on propane or electricity.
    3. Is balanced – the rig and truck are perfectly balanced for each other offering easy towing
    4. Has all the things you need to camp…hoses, fittings, tools, etc.
  3. It works for all kinds of camping – Looks right at home in luxury campgrounds or out in the woods dry camping
  4. What its not – To my amazement the number one question I get when we get responses to ads we’re running on Craigslist and the newspaper – “Does it have washer-dryer hookups”.  The answer – NO.  It takes a rig at least 3-5 feet longer to get the extra length to fit a washer dryer.  And, with the washer dryer the ability to dry camp goes away.  No rig has big enough water or holding tanks to be doing laundry without full hookups.  I don’t begrudge those who want to do laundry in their camper but, frankly, we’ve camped for up to two weeks at time and haven’t missed it.  Most campgrounds have more than adequate laundry facilities to do a load of wash…and trips into town for groceries can easily be combined with a Laundromat stop if more loads are needed.  And, you can do more in a single load in a regular washer than multiple loads in the smaller all-in-one camping models.   And, not it doesn’t have a dishwasher either…he isn’t being sold with the rig!